“I’ll break their heads and faces” says Nana Patekar about Bengaluru molesters and attackers

“I’ll break their heads and faces” says Nana Patekar about Bengaluru molesters and attackers


The celebrated actor Nana Patekar has been upfront about his views on various social issues like the farmer suicides, ban on Pakistani artists etc. At an event recently, Nana Patekar was asked about Bengaluru mass molestation incident and how law and order should bring justice to these women.

At an event where Nana Patekar was present with Prasoon Joshi, he did not hold back and lashed out on those who blamed the western culture and dressing of women for the incident. The actor said, “Women have been wearing western clothes since forever. It was in the past and it is still there. I think the problem is in our mindset and not in women's clothes. I need to improve myself instead to telling others what to wear and what not wear. What Prasoon Joshi said is correct that when these people (culprits) need to be beaten up like the way in our times, only then things would get a little better. But, nowadays these human rights people will come and question you. If they’ll pull off something like this with my daughter or sister, I’ll break their heads and faces; I’ll handle the repercussions later. This is not in my Indian culture to disrespect women. And for such situations, laws need to get stricter and decisions need to be made sooner in like four to six months. If these get delayed in court then there what kind of message are we sending out."

When asked about the politicians who have been blaming women's dressing for the incident, Nana Patekar straight away said, "They should just be removed from their prestigious positions. This is not the way our country's thinking should me."

Another controversy recently came across was of BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur Singh whose videos had gone viral on social media. He had shared videos exposing the bad quality of food served to BSF soldiers who was doing their job to save the country. The jawan also alleged corruption by senior officers as the major reason behind the sub-standard rations served to soldiers.

In the past, Nana Patekar had visited the BSF forces at the International Borders (IB) in Hiranagar, Kathua and expressed his deep admiration for the force and said that incidents like these do shake the morale of the force and that he had a word about the same with Kamal Nayan Choubey, IG, BSF. Nana said, “I have spoken to Kamal Nayan Choubey sir, who is the second-in-command. Whatever has come out is not right because these forces take care of us more than their kids, be it the Army, BSF, CRPF or ITBP. All our jawans are respected a lot. I can tell you more about the case in two or three days because investigations and inquiry are still on. Such incidents demoralize the spirit of our army, BSF and CRPF jawans.”

Nana further added, "I have seen the videos. But I have learned that there was some inquiry that was already in place on the jawan. I can’t tell you all about it now. BSF and CRPF are our jawans and they protect us. So before we say anything about them, we have to think twice. Also, Kamal Nayan sir has assured me that nothing of that sort has happened."

Meanwhile, BSF has raked up Bahadur’s past and labelled him a repeat offender. The force also dismissed his allegations saying that food provided to the jawans is of good quality and there was no corruption.